Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 6, 2008 - Opening Day

The big day is here – we launch Accelerator 2008. The months of work leading up to today seem a distant memory. Amid the flurry of last minute details, my mind is already racing toward tonight’s opening dinner. I see in the faces of our arriving students (who tonight become the “apprentice”) - full of anticipation, excitement, and a bit of worry. I know what lies ahead for them. The next 30 days will be an amazing adventure of self discovery, learning, and growing. They will “do more then they ever imagined.”

Before we “officially” begin, I’d like to thank the many individuals who have worked so tirelessly to make Accelerator 2008 an amazing experience. First – the core team: Carol Barry, Kristin Keiper, Kimberly Pace, David Furse, Cherrie Clark, David Franklin, Jeff Schwartzenberg, Yvonne Martin-Kidd, Chase Pattison, Ryan McGrath, Ryan Igleheart, Patrick Long, Sara Gable, Jared Degnan, Kyle Clay, Scott Williams, Abby Smith, and David Dailey.

Next, a special thanks to the many great Faculty and Staff of Owen. We have a great lineup of faculty for Accelerator 2008: Froeb, Willis, Van Schaack, Clark, Hoeffler, Lapre, Hyer, Boer, Clark, Franklin, Victor, Mahan, Furse, Bradford, Christie, DuBois, English, Johnsen, Moye, Pace, and Vogus.

We appreciate the support and participation of our Corporate Partners – who create with our faculty the “real world experiences” that define the Owen Accelerator experience: American Airlines, Griffin, Caterpillar Financial, Bridgestone, Gresham Smith & Partners, Humana, Yum! Brands, Livescribe and William Morris Agency.

We’ve loaded the warehouse with snacks; we’ve secured over 9,000 meals and stacked over 500 cases of bottled water and soda. Now it’s time to - Learn it. Apply it. Live it. Let’s roll.

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