Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 2. June 7, 2008

Day 2: Project Management, Team Dynamics, Process Management and Project Story Boarding ruled the day. Teams defined individual roles and began the process of understanding the current customers vs. the desired customers for our corporate partner on Project 1: Griffin Technology.

After 2 morning studios (Accelerator overview by Burcham and Project Management by Cherrie Clark), the teams loaded onto 2 chartered motor coaches and 104 of us headed out tot the Griffin corporate office to work on the project along side Griffin employees.

Teams were challenged by Griffin to design an accessory for our client company. Dave Owens, President of Griffin, hosted the Accelerator team at the Griffin offices. After an in depth tour, our teams set up their team meetings in the Griffin Technology warehouse.

We returned to Owen at 3:00 PM for 2 additional teaching studios – one on Personal Branding with Kimberly Furse; the other on Presentation Skills with John English.

After dinner, the teams divided tasks – sending some members out to collect information, capture images and complete research. Others began working on storyboard and final presentations. Lots of Dasani water, Red Bull, and Post Its.

The teams clocked over 14 hours of work today and consumed (while working) over 200 bottles of water, 4 gallons of coffee, a 3 flats of chips, 8 cases
of soda (plus 3 full meals). “Twenty somethings” do get hungry!

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