Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gresham Smith & Smith will be the 6th Corporate Partner for Owen's Accelerator Program

The 6th Corporate Partner firm announced for the 2008 Summer Business Institute at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management is Gresham Smith & Partners. We're delighted to have this outstanding company a part of Accelerator 2008. Gresham Smith is returning for a 2nd year – their Accelerator project last year was one of the top ranked among the student participants.
This year’s Mission: Gresham Smith will challenge Accelerator participants to prepare a master redevelopment plan for a property located at the site of Nashville’s old Thermal Plant. The 12-acre site was originally slated to be the new baseball stadium site, but that plan was unable to get funding. Given it’s proximity to the new pedestrian bridge and the downtown area, the site has significant potential to be a part of a growing downtown environment and has prompted area developers to evaluate the site.

About Gresham Smith & Partners:
Gresham, Smith and Partners is a practice-led business of architects, engineers, planners and designers focused on the goals of our clients and the growth of our employees. Over the past four decades, the firm has earned a reputation as a comprehensive, multi-disciplined firm with more than 850 employees in 18 offices located throughout the United States and China. GS&P is a private company with widely held employee ownership, reflecting a philosophy of giving the leadership that is responsible for our success the opportunity to share in the resulting rewards.
GS&P is one of the few design firms in the industry that offers professional services to such a wide range of markets. Staying true to our corporate vision of being the best consultant to the built environment, we employ experts in corporate and urban design, aviation, civil/land planning, environmental compliance, healthcare, industrial, transportation and water services who are uniquely qualified to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the needs of the market they serve. This diversity also extends to our corporate culture, which fosters an appreciation of different backgrounds, viewpoints and ideas.

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