Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 13. June 18, 2008

Day 13. June 18, 2008
As day 13 arrived, the lobby of the Owen graduate school of Management was filled with the muttered sounds of urgency and excitement from the students. We started the morning off early with a 7:00am rehearsal breakfast in order to prepare for tomorrow’s Bridgestone presentations. This will be the second presentation for the Accelerator teams, and as you can imagine, tension is high.

Immediately following breakfast the students were guided through a targeted marketing studio led by Professor Steve Hoeffler. Professor Hoeffler does an excellent job of conveying “real world” marketing examples to which the students can more easily relate -- allowing them to not only gain but retain applicable knowledge for their future careers.

After the session, Accelerator teams then met to work on their William Morris initiative. The focus of today was industry and market research. Teams evaluated date related to the artist – manager – agent relationship in order to better understand the music industry. Managing two groups and focusing on four projects has really kicked everyone into high gear, and forced students to learn time-management skills that will continue to resonate with them throughout the program.

With a short break for lunch and an uplifting assembly on personal branding from Professor Kimberly Pace, spirits were high when the students began their 2:30 final team meeting for Caterpillar. This was a true test of “multi-tasking” -- to see whether or not the students could finish this project while still considering preparation for tonight’s Bridgestone dress rehearsals.

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