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Day 11. June 16, 2008

Day 11. June 16, 2008

Breakfast began at 7:00 AM with a Coach’s Breakfast to “meet and greet” the 2nd round of Teams. Our 85 participants have been reorganized into 8 new teams for the second half of the program. These new teams will be doing the projects for William Morris Agency, Gresham Smith & Partners, Humana and Yum Brands.

Team 1: Zach Barrett, John Del Piero, Sarah Leggett, Sarah Lunenburg, Miriam Martz, Peter Mataragas, Mandy May, Kelly McCaffrey, Emily Schaefer, Michael Shatto, and Michael Skoumal. The coach is Chase Pattison.

Team 2: Lindsey Bodenstab, Amy Brown, Yizhen Dong, Ann Parker Hammock, Jordan Headless, Jesse Hecht, Lauren Law, Tori Richard, Chris Skene, and Jennifer Wu. The coach is Jared Degnan.

Team 3: Ivan Au, A.J. Axelrod, Eric Bromberg, Porsche Brooks, Emily Butler, Ami Gosalia, Austin Reid, Isaiah Toback, Ben Washburn, and Tyler Weaks. The coach is Kyle Clay.

Team 4: Alex Alfonso, Nicholas Chavez, Lindsey Drake, James Fuqua, Brittany Gowers, Marc Rigsby, Billy Ripley, Wyatt Smith, Elliot Steinbaum, Kathryn Trappey, and Tina Wu. The coach is Patrick Long.

Team 5: Meredith Casey, Patrick Dienes, Andrew Esakov, Tiffany Fisher, Chris Harris, Linda Huber, Tim Johnson, Ashley Morgan, Jordan Sanderson, Kelly Thompson, and Kaitlin Wooddell. The coach is Ryan Igleheart.

Team 6: Adam Albright, Andrew Brady, Kerri Glennon, Eric Jones, Marc Levit, Anna Rogers, Jeff Rosage, Sarah Russell, Brittany Thompson, Neal Watterson, and Samantha Webb. The coach is Ryan McGrath.

Team 7: Catie Burleson, CoCo Chalfant, Alison Crawford, David Dar, Megan Gilbert, Aubrey Hammond, Rob Hunziker, Alison Morris, Brett Rudis, Leo Selya, and Katie Titus. The coach is Sara Gable.

Team 8: Jessica Decker, Kenneth Jackson, Jessica Kwon, Jason Levine, Miles Maddox, Liz Palma, Paige Parkey, Jeffrey Taylor, Matt Walsh, and Tyler Whitmore. The coach is Scott Williams.

Following breakfast, Professor Furse ran a studio session on Strategy – prepping the teams for the new project they will begin today with William Morris. At 9:30, our teams boarded the buses and half the team went to the Country Music Hall of Fame to begin a project with singer / songwriter Eric Church. The other half departed for Ocean Way Studio to meet singer / songwriter Danielle Peck. As they boarded the buses, all our participants were given WMA hats and a CD of the artist for whom they will be working. The rush of energy was just amazing.

Teams spent the entire morning getting to know the artists, their managers, the record labels, and the William Morris Agency team. The teams assigned their member roles over a working lunch and then were able to see the artist in a live performance before returning to the Owen Graduate School of Management at 2:30 PM.

At 3:00 PM, Professor Michael Lapre orchestrated his now famous “Beer Game” an operations / process flow simulation with 50% the participants throughout the afternoon. During that same time, Professor Pace instructed another 25% of the group on resume development with the remaining 25% worked in an intimate setting with Professor English on interviewing skills. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll flip the schedule so that all participants are able to participate in all 3 of these important attributes of the Accelerator program.

At 6:00 PM, dinner was served in the lobby – providing a forum for the Accelerator teams to talk about their experiences today with the record labels, William Morris Agency, the artists, and the afternoon studios. This PM, our teams worked on their projects for Bridgestone. The pressure is beginning to mount – Bridgestone arrives Thursday to see their work of the teams and evaluate the recommendations each group. The evening was a flurry of research, storyboards, PowerPoints, presentation writing, sodas, water, chips, and more work. We signed off and ended the day at 11:00 PM. I’m tired just writing this blog.

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