Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 15. June 20, 2008

Day 15. June 20, 2008

It’s Friday – and time for another Business Networking Breakfast. Accelerator teams arrived at 6:45 AM and our 35 business guest began arriving promptly at 7:00 AM. These networking sessions have been a huge success, with companies such as: The Country Music Hall of Fame, Paradigm Health, Manheim, and Universal Robotics – and the Accelerator students have gained valuable networking skills through this experience.

Finishing off breakfast, the teams rushed over to the Caterpillar Financial Corporate office on West End Avenue to present their ideas for making this company one hundred percent landfill free by the year 2020. As unimaginable as this goal may seem, the executives were blown away with the innovative and creative ideas the teams had to offer in making this dream become a reality. When the presentations were finished, and the deliberation was complete, Caterpillar chose Team 2 as the winning team – Caterpillar felt this team best captured the spirit of Caterpillar. Team 4 came in second.

Members of Team 2 include: Alex Alfonso, Emily Butler, CoCo Chalfant, Brittany Gowers, Miles Maddox, Ashley Morgan, Liz Palma, Brett Rudis, Michael Skoumal, Isaiah Toback, and Kaitlin Wooddell. The team coach is Jared Degnan.

Teams also voted and recognized their MVPs. These included: Team 1: Porsche Brooks, Team 2: CoCo Chalfant, Team 3: Nicholas Chavez, Team 4: Megan Gilbert & Tyler Weaks, Team 5: Ami Gosalia, Team 6: Emily Schaefer, Team 7: Neal Watterson & Alison Morris, and Team 8: Kelly Thompson.

After receiving their presentation feedback from Kimberly Pace, the students walked back to Owen and were greeted with a crew of photographers from Gomez Photography to take headshots. Meanwhile everyone enjoyed a working lunch with a group from the Deloitte Team. Deloitte provided a 2 hour studio on a consulting career.

Following the Deloitte studio, the Accelerator teams worked on their American Airlines projects. At 3:00 PM, Professor Willis completed his accounting series for the group. His quick and witty comments make the accounting studio entertaining and informative.

The night was concluded with dinner and two team sessions for work to be done on the Gresham project. With the past two days being jammed packed with events, tonight we closed the day at 8:00 PM to ensure everyone has enough rest for the upcoming week.

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